When I think of school—high school, in particular—I think of all the challenges that students and teachers face. There’s a tremendous amount of social and parental pressure on both groups to consistently perform at their peaks. The last thing either group needs is technology getting in the way of learning and lesson planning. After all, classroom computers are supposed to make things easier, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Both students and teachers rely on functional technology to collaborate efficiently and effectively. If the technology in the classroom is slow or prone to glitches, you might have a class of two dozen distracted, agitated students and a teacher with a rapidly developing migraine.

Putting Classroom Technology to the Test

Prowess Consulting set out to explore how much a mobile device could impact the educational experience. We took a look at three common classroom scenarios that show the perspective of both a teacher and a student, and we compared performance in those scenarios for Microsoft Surface devices and Apple iPad devices.

For the tested teacher’s scenario, we compared the time and experience for a teacher preparing a language-arts lesson when using a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and when using an Apple iPad Pro. For the tested student scenarios, we compared a Microsoft Surface 3 against an Apple iPad 2 for completing a sixth-grade math assignment and an eleventh-grade history report. All of these tasks tested the devices’ collaborative capabilities, overall user experiences, and processing speeds. The Microsoft Surface 2-in-1 devices ran Windows 10 and were powered by Intel processors, whereas the Apple iPad devices were powered by ARM processors and ran iOS.

The results of our testing consistently highlighted that the Microsoft Surface 2-in-1 devices are the better classroom choice for both teachers and students.

Work faster with an Intel® processor–based Microsoft® Surface™ device running Windows® 10:

Prowess_SP_iPad_IG_Teacher_Final_Social_02 Prowess_SP_iPad_IG_Student_Social-03

Microsoft Surface Makes the Grade

The engineering and functionality of the Microsoft Surface 2-in-1 devices support a smooth, seamless educational experience:

  • Apps load faster, can run in split-screen orientations, and provide a full suite of familiar tools.
  • Peripherals like keyboards and styluses provide more sophisticated, granular control and interfacing.
  • Teachers save more time, and students waste less time.

The full report walks you through our classroom projects, tests, and detailed results.

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