The demand for mobility is driving businesses to embrace bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environments. IT organizations and managed service providers (MSPs) need simple, effective ways to manage devices and application provisioning. Windows Intune is a cloud-based device and application management solution that enables IT administrators to manage mobile devices (including Windows, Windows RT, Windows Phone 8, Apple iOS, and Android devices) and applications in an IT environment from a single administrator console. With Windows Intune, you can better monitor, manage, update, secure, and troubleshoot users’ devices, wherever those devices are located.

To help your business get started with Windows Intune, Prowess wrote the following white paper for Microsoft: Windows Intune Helps Microsoft Partners More Easily Deploy and Manage Office 365 Users and Devices. The white paper includes a high-level description of Windows Intune configurations along with the basic steps for doing the following with Windows Intune:

  • Preparing to deploy Microsoft Office 365
  • Deploying Office 365
  • Managing deployed Office 365 users and devices

Benefits Businesses

Windows Intune offers businesses:

  • Greater user productivity. Windows Intune empowers users to be productive from virtually anywhere and on the devices of their choice.
  • Non-intrusive management. Administrators can avoid maintenance tasks when users are busy.
  • Unified management for all devices. Windows Intune helps reduce costs and improve IT efficiency by unifying management and security for cloud-based mobile devices and on-premises PCs.
  • Quick and effective deployment. Windows Intune lets administrators quickly evaluate a customer’s IT environment and prepare all devices for a speedy deployment of Office 365 and other software.
  • Major cost savings. The cost of managing deployment of Office 365 and other software with Windows Intune (monthly subscription of $4 to $11 per user) is small compared to the cost of using native tools.

Benefits Managed Service Providers

By delivering Windows Intune device and app management to their customers, managed service providers can realize these important benefits:

  • Establish and strengthen customer relationships
  • Increase profit margin for services
  • Offer fixed-price service contracts

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