Survey of hybrid-cloud environments

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Think about a hybrid-cloud situation (with elements on premises and in a public cloud) and how your organization would evaluate that offering.

Q5: What are the most important factors that you take into consideration when evaluating a cloud-storage solution?

Please rank your top three choices (1 = most important, 2 = second most important, 3 = third most important).

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Cost of ownership
Ability to consolidate
Quality support

Q6: How integrated would you want your disaster-recovery (DR) strategy to be with your hybrid-cloud strategy? *

Q7: What type of information would most influence your decision when choosing a hybrid-cloud solution provider?

Please rank your top three choices (1 = most influential, 2 = second most influential, 3 = third most influential).

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Performance data
Industry rating
Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Q8: What is the biggest challenge for your organization in using a hybrid environment? *

Q9: What would you need to feel confident that a solution would meet your recovery-time objective (RTO) requirements for disaster recovery (DR)? *

Q10: Which workloads does your organization support in the cloud? Check all that apply. *

Q11: What percentage of your total workloads do you currently run in the cloud? *

Please enter a percentage number between 1 and 100.

Q12: How do you expect this percentage (of total workloads in the cloud) will change? What do you expect to be the change in your workload in the cloud in the next 18 months? *

Q13: Has the current economic climate caused you to reevaluate your current or future projects? *

Q14: What is your current on-premises environment? Check all that apply. *

Q15: What do you expect your on-premises environment to look like in the next year or two? Check all that apply. *

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