From challenging hardware fabrication to virtuoso software work, the engineers at Prowess Consulting have seen—and done—it all.

Imagine you have to create a compelling demo for a trade show. (Perhaps you don’t have to imagine too hard.) Tech can be notoriously abstract, and you need to find a way to make your products’ value stand out from those provided by the other vendors crowding the show floor. Prowess Consulting prides itself on marrying engaging storytelling with technical expertise—precisely the kind of marriage on which effective demonstrations depend. Enter Prowess’s engineering team.

Physical and software engineering have a long pedigree at Prowess, and some of our latest projects highlight the range of technical expertise we bring. From smart refrigerators to interactive machine-learning (ML) labs, here are some recent highlights of technical excellence from our engineers at Prowess.

1. Internet of Things (IoT) Refrigerator

We built a fully connected IoT fridge to demonstrate the versatility of SAP HANA express edition on the show floor and away from the data center. The resulting refrigerator combined optical recognition, radio-frequency identification (RFID) tracking, and temperature and humidity sensors for products in the fridge with real-time analytics and ML on an onboard computer to showcase the power of IoT devices beyond the network edge. Our demo helped highlight how IoT devices could help to reduce food and medicine spoilage and theft.

2. Microsoft Power BI Hero Demo

In order to demonstrate new features in Microsoft Power BI for use by field-sales personnel, Prowess imagined and created an ongoing program to build and maintain a demonstration. This demo program has continued to grow quarter by quarter and spans features ranging from natural-language queries to data preparation through integration with Azure Data Bricks and advanced custom visualizations using the R programming language.

3. Dust-Box Demo

We created a trade-show demonstration that would both capture attendees’ attention and highlight the resilience of rugged NUC computers. Prowess engineers fabricated a transparent container and system to continually blow dust over the NUC while it played a computationally intensive graphics program on screens outside of the container. The demo wowed show attendees who stopped by the Intel booth and could watch the NUC crank away in the midst of a perpetual dust storm.

4. Microsoft Reactors

Artificial intelligence (AI) and ML have been the top-demanded subjects for instruction at Microsoft Reactors—a network of neighborhood campuses around the world designed to facilitate meeting and learning for developers—and Prowess created and presented course content on those subjects. Prowess used its in-house data-science expertise to craft a series of courses on using the Python programming language to learn the fundamentals of ML and data science using real-world datasets. The courses also showed how to deploy AI-powered solutions to the web using Microsoft Azure. These data-science and AI courses have been some of the highest-rated content delivered at Reactors sites by attendees, and they pave the way for attendees to go on to explore more about these subjects on the Microsoft Learn website.

5. Intel Optane Memory H10 Testing

We performed benchmark testing on an Intel Optane memory H10 storage solution—which combines Intel Optane memory media with an Intel QLC 3D NAND solid state drive (SSD) on a slim M.2 card designed to easily fit into laptops or desktop PCs—in order to highlight the faster performance and larger capacity that the drive provides. Prowess engineers conducted a series of benchmark tests on Intel Optane memory H10 and several strictly SSD-based storage solutions to evaluate storage performance for accelerating the performance of a range of use cases, from common office tasks to content creation to gaming. The test results helped Intel validate its performance claims about Intel Optane memory H10 compared to more traditional storage.

These projects are just a sampling of the work that the engineers at Prowess have done recently. From hardware to software, Prowess engineers have helped a variety of clients of all sizes produce powerful, evocative technical solutions to support their marketing efforts. The next time you need technical virtuosity to reach your customers, contact Fen Evans, Vice President of Consulting Services at Prowess Consulting, at

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