Technical marketing managers face a difficult challenge on a regular basis: create demos that bring together new or complex technologies and a technically savvy audience in an impactful way. How do you do that while meeting key performance indicators (KPIs), budget constraints, and unmovable deadlines?

As a marketing manager, you know that powerful real-world solution demos can be the difference between winning and losing in the IT market. But executing on demos can be difficult. You need a variety of experts, from engineers to project managers, and you need all of them working together toward a common vision.

Faced with the need to reel in booth traffic made up of the sophisticated technical attendees at Intel Developer Forum 2016 (IDF16), a client came to Prowess looking for ideas. We quickly assembled a collaborative team of in-house engineers, app developers, technical-marketing experts, writers, and designers who worked closely with the client to assess the client’s needs and thoroughly understand the technology and audience. The result? A plan for creative, engaging demos that would drive booth traffic and that would both entertain and educate participants.

Remove the Pain of Demo Development

The Prowess team brings together multiple fields of expertise under a single roof, making us a one-stop shop for demo development. With Prowess, you don’t have to go to multiple vendors to get the engineering and creative resources needed to hit the mark.

In this case, our assembled team worked collaboratively to create a set of demos that included custom apps, branded design elements, instructive quizzes, sophisticated back-end engineering, and rules and instructions for participants—our demos even included a set of lasers for visual appeal.

After a few short weeks of testing and refining, it all came together. All the hardware devices, software, and related gear were packed up and hand delivered to the conference site, where a tired but confident group of Prowess engineers reassembled and tested the demos on site in the quiet, pre-show hours before the doors opened.

Demos in Action

Curious participants streamed into the client’s booth to explore the demos, which showcased cutting-edge technologies in infrastructure management, software-defined networking, and data-center silicon photonics.

For each demo, participants scanned their badges and started a custom app on a tablet. They then took turns playing fun, engaging hands-on challenges that pitted them against each other and the clock. Participants learned about the client’s technologies while answering multiple-choice questions and troubleshooting infrastructure problems.

Successful Outcome

Over the course of three days, the demos pulled in hundreds of participants by using entertaining games, eye-catching presentations, and appealing challenges that the technical audience couldn’t resist. In the end, hundreds of IT professionals learned about our client’s solutions in a way that they won’t soon forget.

Snap challenge

Why Prowess?

Prowess has worked in IT engineering and marketing across a range of technologies for more than a decade. We turn client objectives, data points, abstract value propositions, and technical jargon into compelling solutions, including demos, that resonate with all audience segments.

When it comes to technology demos, the magic happens when you effectively blend technical expertise and creativity. Contact us today to discuss how we can bring our unique blend of technical acumen and creative capabilities to your next demo.

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