Achieving Better Long-Term TCO for High-Volume SAP HANA® Workloads

Scalability proves to be the key to hardware value for SAP HANA workloads at 12 TB and larger

As the volume of data available to businesses grows ever greater, large-scale in-memory online transaction processing (OLTP) and analytical workloads require a previously unseen scale of memory. A principle software platform for using data at this scale is SAP S/4HANA®. Prowess Consulting examined three competing scale-up hardware solutions certified for the SAP HANA® platform with memory sizes of 12 TB or more to determine the most cost-effective solution. Due to its unique method of scaling memory, we found that the Lenovo Scalable Solution for SAP HANA scaled more readily, and to greater capacity, than any competing alternative. Such capabilities for scaling translate into a solution that is best positioned for a typical 5-year lifecycle. Moreover, the Lenovo solution costs less upfront and provides managed services that can reduce operating expenses and complexity.

Prowess Internal Research

September 2017