Microsoft OneNote Enhances Classroom Collaboration

But device choice can limit the collaborative capability

If your school is implementing Microsoft® OneNote® as a learning and collaboration tool, be sure to choose your mobile device carefully. OneNote is available across the device spectrum, but not all devices support the full breadth of OneNote functionality.

Prowess Consulting compared OneNote on four different devices, but only one of them makes the grade—the Dell™ Latitude™ 10, powered by Intel® hardware and Windows 8.

The Dell Latitude 10 enriches learning:

  • Audio and video recording
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Stylus support
  • OneNote customization
  • Image import via scanner

OneNote and Classroom Productivity
Today’s generation of students have grown up with computers and the Internet at their fingertips, so they expect a certain level of technology to be present in the classroom. They don’t go to encyclopedias or libraries for their information anymore—they turn to computing devices to tap into the well of information present on the Web. Microsoft OneNote is ideal for students because, on a mobile device, it enables them to organize their schoolwork in one virtual place. Gone are the days of lugging around pounds of spiral notebooks and binders stuffed with paper—OneNote on a mobile device can literally lighten a student’s burden.

For teachers, OneNote presents a unique classroom tool that encourages collaboration and interaction, in addition to providing a repository for lesson plans and notes. Teachers can create notebooks, sections, and pages that correspond to textbook chapters, lectures, quizzes, and more, and then teachers can share those materials with students (or other teachers).

However, OneNote functionality is not the same across devices, and some of the most powerful features for academic use are only available to users running OneNote on Windows. These features are enhanced by performance and security provided by Intel hardware. Even when used on companion devices, schools will find that teachers and students get the best experience using OneNote on 2 in 1 devices, Ultrabook™ devices, and tablets running Windows 8 and powered by Intel processors.

Because OneNote functionality varies across platforms, Prowess Consulting put three mobile devices to the test to determine which platform will give students and teachers the fullest OneNote experience