Lower the Overall Cost of the SAP HANA® Platform

Lenovo™ ThinkSystem™ SR950 provides better three-year total cost of ownership (TCO) than competing SAP HANA appliances for scale-out and scale-up configurations

Being able to extract real-time insights from large in-memory databaseslike the SAP HANA® platform has become crucial for organizations in avariety of industries. And while the price of memory continues to decline,purchasing single-server scale-up or multi-node scale-out clusters stillrepresents a sizable investment for IT organizations. However, the priceof acquisition is only part of the cost: SAP HANA deployments can beexpensive to operate, particularly when labor costs for specialists tomanage them are factored in.

Evaluating both scale-out and scale-up configurations for SAP HANAsolutions running on servers powered by latest-generation Intel® Xeon®Scalable processors from Cisco, HPE, and Lenovo shows that Lenovo™ThinkSystem™ SR950 servers provide a lower total cost of ownership (TCO)for a wide range of memory sizes over a three-year period as comparedto Cisco UCS® C480 M5, Cisco UCS C880 M5, and HPE® Superdome®Flex rack-based servers. This lower TCO stems from both lower capitalexpenditures (CapEx) and lower operating expenses (OpEx) for theLenovo™ servers. In addition to raw TCO advantages, the Lenovo solutionsfor SAP HANA evaluated in this study also feature the same high reliabilityand customer satisfaction as other Lenovo servers.

Prowess Internal Research

November 2018