The Journey to AI in the Public Sector

Dell EMC solutions and Intel technologies accelerate the evolution of analytics and AI for public safety and security.

Data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) have the potential to improve processes and results in a multitude of public-sector scenarios. The motivations are often practical: to strip out the mundane, manual work that clogs up government operations. But in the areas of defense, public safety, and security, the stakes are higher, and it is here where some of the highest levels of public-sector AI innovation and adoption are occurring. 

However, the adoption of AI in the public sector is generally happening at a much slower pace and on a smaller scale when compared to the private sector. According to one survey, about 20 percent of respondents in government are  actively experimenting or have made investments in AI, compared to 50 percent among what Gartner calls “top performers” in other industries.

“A recent survey found that 77 percent of US Federal managers said their agencies will need to deploy AI over the next five years ‘to keep up with the increasing pace of work’.” 

— New Statesman3