Why Your Computer’s Age Matters

Functionality and benchmark tests show the benefits of using newer Intel® Core™ processors

Like an old pair of well-worn jeans, legacy computers are comfortable and familiar. They are known quantities and have been customized over the years to fit employees’ job-related needs. However, that comfort could cost each employee about 2.65 workdays per year in lost productivity. Companies often tolerate older machines because they overlook the true impact to performance, energy savings, and productivity. Over time, the seconds and minutes an employee spends waiting for an old computer to finish processing a task can add up to days or weeks of lost productivity for the entire company. This paper explores how 6th generation Intel Core processors can save companies time, money, and frustration with improved computing power, less energy consumption, and increased employee productivity.

  • Increase productivity to save time
  • 2.5x the performance, or more, with a new processor
  • Consume 60% less power than with legacy processors


Prowess Internal Research

April 2016