Finding the Path to a True Hybrid Multicloud

Can HPE ProLiant DX appliances with Nutanix software and Intel technologies
simplify the journey to a manageable hybrid multicloud?

Executive Summary

Two trends in data center modernization are accelerating, and they are closely connected. One is the
rapid move to a hybrid multicloud operating model. The other is the rapid adoption of hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), where servers, storage, and virtualization software components are all pre-integrated in a single solution.

These two trends are connected in a couple of ways: first, the adoption of a hybrid-cloud delivery model can be a major driver in an organization’s decision to update legacy infrastructure to HCI; and second, in
a larger sense, both trends are part of a greater movement to make everything in IT more cloud-like.

For companies considering their data center modernization options, it only makes sense to evaluate
any HCI solution in terms of its ability to facilitate and support a hybrid multicloud environment.
This environment needs both an on-premises private cloud component and the ability to connect
to multiple public clouds. Our purpose is to assist in the evaluation of an HCI solution designed for
just such an environment.