Accomplish Daily Financial-Services Demands with the Right Device

The financial-services industry can be fast-paced and intense. For the industry’s professionals, there’s additional pressure that comes with transacting large sums of money, managing corporate-sized private investments, or shouting over your peers on the trading room floor. Financial-services professionals, including financial analysts, private investment bankers, and retail bankers, need to remain productive while helping keep company data safe wherever they go—especially if their organizations intend to keep up with digitally-disruptive competitors and the digital transformation taking place in every industry. These needs put a greater demand on mobility, data analytics, and virtualizing hardware-based functionality.

To determine which device can keep pace with the demands of day-to-day financial-services industry workflows and performance, multitasking, and scalability requirements, Prowess Consulting ran two devices, the Microsoft® Surface® Pro 4 and the Apple® iPad Pro®, through a regimen of tests. We used the latest version of each device, a Surface Pro 4 running Windows® 10 on an Intel® Core™ i7-6650U processor and an iPad Pro running iOS® Mobile 10.2.1 on an Apple® A9X processor. This report details our most important findings.

We devised testing scenarios based on common tasks performed by financial-services workers. In most cases, we found that the Surface Pro compared to the iPad Pro enabled workers to:



Prowess Internal Research

April 2017