Enhance Productivity and Security for Your Small Business

Integrated collaboration and simple-to-use PC-management tools can help small businesses grow without tech support

Regardless of their businesses’ shapes, sizes, or industries, most owners need effective technology to help protect and grow their businesses. For these small business to run efficiently, they need technology to provide their employees with the ability to chat, quickly share files and screens from peer to peer, manage their PCs, monitor key software, and secure their devices. Yet meeting these needs often requires multiple solutions or costly technical help.

There are many different products on the market that can help small businesses meet some or all of these needs. For this study, Prowess Consulting compared several of these products to evaluate both functionality and completeness in addressing core small-business needs:

  • ChatWork®
  • Lenovo® SHAREit®
  • Microsoft® Skype®
  • Microsoft Skype for Business
  • Intel® Small Business Advantage (Intel® SBA)

We found that Intel SBA provides, from a single, well-integrated user interface, core collaboration and PC-management capabilities that can enhance employee productivity and help protect sensitive data. We also found that Intel SBA often outperforms other products that must be sourced separately. For example, Intel SBA:

  • Transfers medium-sized files nearly five times faster than ChatWork and six times faster than Microsoft Skype.
  • Provides a strong hardware-enhanced security capability not commonly found in other general-management solutions: USB blocking. USB blocking helps prevent security risks from users unintentionally connecting infected peripherals (such as a thumb drive containing a virus).
Prowess Internal Research

February 2016