Streamline Your Server Deployments by Choosing Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers with Preinstalled Microsoft Software

Our tests demonstrate the value of deploying a Dell EMC PowerEdge server with Windows Server 2019 preinstalled

Working in IT for a small- or medium-sized business (SMB) is no cakewalk. In these organizations, all computing responsibilities, such as help-desk duties and routine software installations, typically fall to a minuscule staff that might even comprise just one person. The tech heroes who support these SMBs are generalists by necessity, spending their days fighting many types of IT support battles. But to implement new solutions within their tight time and budget constraints can be a challenge, especially when doing so requires special expertise beyond what they need to perform their day-to-day responsibilities.

To mention a timely example, Microsoft is ending support for Windows Server® 2008 and Windows Server 2008 R2 in January 2020. IT professionals understand all too well the inherent dangers of running an unsupported platform. However, purchasing and deploying new servers can be time-consuming and expensive for SMBs. To complicate matters further, it’s no easy task to acquire the technical proficiency needed to provide high-quality support across the hardware and software stack after deployment.

Prowess Consulting set out to discover a way to ease the burden of deploying servers for time- and cash-strapped IT personnel. And through our testing and research, Prowess Consulting can confirm that there is a simpler, faster, and less expensive alternative to help IT generalists deploy and support new servers. That option is to purchase Dell EMC PowerEdge servers preinstalled with Windows Server 2019 software, discounted through special original equipment manufacturer (OEM) licensing. When bundled in this way, with Windows Server 2019 at a reduced price, PowerEdge servers “just work” right out of the box, saving time and effort, in addition to money. What’s more, these servers are eligible for Dell ProSupport IT-management services that support the entire solution—both hardware and software—after deployment.