When you equip clinicians, assistants, and staff members with solutions that make their workdays more productive, it can result in fewer headaches for them—and you. Because with fewer complaints to address, you and your IT team can be more productive too.

To help you determine which devices can help keep headaches at bay, Prowess Consulting looked at how rich-client devices and zero-client devices perform on a variety of tasks common in a clinical setting. Our full report, “Diagnosing Which Devices Provide More for Healthcare,” is available now. Read it to find how rich-client devices outperform zero-clients for healthcare needs.

Rich-Client Devices Deliver Richer Productivity

In all of our tests, the rich-client devices outperformed the zero-client device and delivered better productivity. We found that rich-client devices often provide greater flexibility by supporting mobility, compared to the zero-client device, which tethers the user to a desk. In addition, we found that the rich-client devices offer full functionality compared to the zero-client device, which provides limited-to-zero support for some of the applications we tested.

Here are some highlights from our report:

  • Admins can save almost a full day—7.74 hours—each year by using a rich-client device to add new patients with Savance Health solutions.
  • Medical assistants can save 40.47 hours annually when using a rich-client device to transcribe exam notes in Dragon Medical Practice Edition.
  • Clinicians and technicians can collaborate 15 to 29 percent faster by using Intel Unite software on rich-client devices.

Productivity Is Just One Benefit of Rich-Client Devices

Increased productivity is only part of the story. Read our full report, “Diagnosing Which Devices Provide More for Healthcare,” for complete details on how rich-client devices also offer greater flexibility, work with all the applications we tested (not the case for the zero client), and offer your IT team less hassle by coming equipped with needed peripherals and the drivers to run them.

See Our Companion Report on Devices for Healthcare

If you find “Diagnosing Which Devices Provide More for Healthcare,” informative, you might also appreciate our companion report, “The Right Healthcare Device Does More Than Just One Thing.” It reinforces our findings by examining an additional set of rich-client devices in additional healthcare use cases.

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