Prowess Consulting was founded more than ten years ago to create a specific set of technical deliverables for a specific client.

Since that beginning, Prowess has always created content in the middle ground. When we founded the company, Melyssa and I weren’t thinking about “differentiators,” “value propositions,” or “market niches.” We and those helping us were really just geeks who could write, and content people who had the geek gene.

Our clients have pulled the business in both directions. More engineering. More content. And all the stuff in between. We love it all, but we still stand in the middle.

Insights from the Inside

We are always given the great opportunity to get in deep with new technologies, products, devices, and services, and from that vantage point we regularly see opportunities and challenges in solutions. But sometimes these observations fall into the gaps between the actual deliverables and engineering work we are commissioned to execute.

These observations and the knowledge that grows from them come in all forms: opinions, comparisons, objective data, how-to insights, sometimes graphical concepts, and more. It’s a wonderful, messy mixture of insights into the IT industry, markets and technologies.
We have come to recognize that this body of knowledge has business and intangible value, so we have made it a priority to capture and organize this knowledge in addition to showing what we do for our clients.

What is the Prowess Thought Lab?

This blog is part of that effort. The Prowess Thought Lab is a collection of formal and informal content produced by a range of technical and non-technical people from Prowess. We will publish technical insights, market insights, and some of our own geeky biased opinion. While most of it will probably not be earth-shattering, we now know that incremental investments of our time can sometimes lead to monumental insights. I believe it is our responsibility to get those insights out there–both large and small.

Most of the content we release will be informal, but we also plan to release some original research and well-developed thoughts under our own brand. We have an obvious and strong bias, but it is an informed and examined position that might prove to be insightful.

Much of the material you’ll see here derives from commissioned projects or has simply been commissioned. We don’t and won’t claim to be completely objective (except for benchmark or test data we will occasionally collect and publish). But our insider status with some of the largest IT firms gives us a perspective that you might find valuable.

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