In an earlier blog post, my colleague Kelly explained what Intel Select Solutions are, how they are made, and how they simplify deployments and optimize performance for companies. In a nutshell, Intel Select Solutions are pre-tested hardware and software platforms that are optimized and verified for a specific workload or application. For example, Intel Select Solutions for Simulation and Modeling are optimized for common high-performance computing (HPC) applications. Architects, animators, and designers can use this solution to achieve optimum performance and scalability, without having to spend weeks or months researching and configuring hardware and software options.

Intel Select Solutions are important to Intel because they help business partners and downstream customers choose ideal systems based on Intel processors and technologies. But Intel sees these solutions as much more than pre-configured systems. Intel knows that most enterprise businesses are on the cusp of modernizing their data centers. To stay relevant, modern businesses need to embrace digital transformation as a way to rapidly develop and deploy new apps and services to their customers. And to digitally transform the data center, these organizations need to transition from a rigid, outdated infrastructure model to one that supports agility, virtualization, hybrid clouds, and emerging software designed infrastructure (SDI) technologies.

Unfortunately, many organizations don’t know how to start their digital transformation journey. Which hardware should they purchase? What software will help them move to a hybrid cloud, but still support their mission-critical legacy apps and services? Which servers and storage options will provide maximum flexibility with exceptional performance and security?

Dedicated appliances are attractive because they promise simplicity, but modern businesses are often hesitant to go down a path that leads to vendor lock-in. Alternatively, open source solutions offer greater freedom, but can be more complex to deploy and manage. This is where Intel sees an opportunity to help its business partners and their enterprise customers.

A New Model for Modernizing the Data Center

Intel Select Solutions provide templates that organizations can follow to achieve their digital transformation objectives. IT decision makers can identify the Intel Select Solution that best matches the critical application or workload needs at their companies. Select Solutions are templates that lay out the ideal infrastructure—built on Intel processors, storage technologies, and networking components—that are available from a variety of trusted vendors. Organizations can continue to purchase servers, drives, and other components from Dell EMC, HP, Lenovo, or whichever major hardware vendor they already use in their data centers.

In addition, Intel Select Solutions are designed and tested to support open source software stacks. Intel has a long history of supporting open source software and initiatives, which is apparent from the wealth of resources available on the Intel Developer Zone. Intel applies that knowledge and collaboration history to Intel Select Solutions to provide comprehensive, scalable, non-proprietary options for enterprise organizations. As a result, IT admins can get the simplicity of an appliance, but aren’t wedded to proprietary hardware and software solutions.

Selecting a Solution Built for the Future

Intel is still building out its library of Select Solutions to cover a wide variety of use cases. But all Intel Select Solutions have two things in common: they help organizations optimize critical workloads, and they provide modern platforms that tick all the IT checkboxes for digital transformation:

  • Agility and scalability to meet changing needs
  • Support for greater VM densities
  • Higher performance for real-time analytics and high performance computing (HPC)
  • Built-in security capabilities
  • And hardware/software technologies (like new Intel Xeon Scalable processors) designed explicitly to enable hybrid clouds and SDI

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