As a small business owner, you probably make do wearing multiple hats or by outsourcing tasks you can’t cover internally. You also likely face the challenge of ensuring your employees have the resources they need to collaborate and stay as productive as possible.

Today, the digital workplace compounds your resource needs and challenges. Your business relies on computers, web access, and the ability to chat online, share files, and access emails. Computers and technologies have to be researched, purchased and set up before they’re useful. Then, they have to be managed, secured, and maintained. Even if you have the most computer-savvy nephew or niece, finding and implementing the right tools for your small business is rarely cheap or easy.

Which Solutions Work Best for a Small Business?

Prowess Consulting wanted to see which solution offers small businesses the best collaboration and productivity capabilities. We tested these popular solutions for chat, file and screen sharing, and basic PC-management needs:

  • Intel Small Business Advantage (Intel SBA)
  • ChatWork
  • Lenovo SHAREit
  • Microsoft Skype
  • Microsoft Skype for Business

One Tool. Multiple Solutions. A Small Business Advantage.

While the tools we tested all work and have their own strengths, we found that Intel Small Business Advantage lives up to the “advantage” in its name by giving small businesses the ability to do more with a single tool. It combines basic PC-management, backup, software-monitoring, and USB-blocking capabilities with collaboration tools for employees, such as chat and file and screen sharing. What’s more, it’s easy-to-use, so a business owner or an employee can run it without specialized technical knowledge.

In addition to consolidating productivity and collaboration capabilities, Intel Small Business Advantage outperformed ChatWork and Skype in our tests by transferring files faster—see some of the results below or all of the results in the full report. It also features USB-blocking capabilities, which can help small-business owners prevent employees from going home with valuable data, such as customer contact info.

Average difference in transfer times for a 10 MB file

Comparison of average difference in transfer times between Intel Small Business Advantage and other
collaboration products for a 10 MB file*

Learn More

Read the Prowess Consulting report on our testing of small-business productivity tools and see for yourself how Intel Small Business Advantage can help enhance productivity, collaboration, and security for your small business.


*Mean times drawn from comparing Intel Small Business Extended Access running on three different hardware platforms across different networks.See Appendix B in the report for details.

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