Today, it’s not the dog who’s going to eat a student’s homework. Students usually do homework and classwork on a computer these days. The computer students use is most likely a Chromebook. According to a recent study, Chromebooks made up more than 50 percent of devices bought by U.S. schools in late 2015.1

Do All Chromebooks Earn Equal Scores in the Classroom?

Prowess Consulting wondered if all Chromebooks deliver equal performance for teachers and students or if some outshine others. To find out, we tested two Acer Chromebooks and one ASUS Chromebook.

Acer® Chromebook™ 11 C740
powered by an Intel® Celeron® processor 3205U
< vs. > Acer® Chromebook™ C730E
powered by an Intel® Celeron® processor N2840
< vs. > ASUS® Chromebook™ C201
powered by a Rockchip® processor RK3288C

Prowess tested:

  • How well applications performed on each device (application functionality)
  • How long it takes to open applications and files (like photos and videos)
  • How browsers function when students have multiple tabs open

For our testing, we simulated scenarios and actions that students might use in an actual classroom. When we were done, the Acer Chromebooks passed with flying colors, while the ASUS Chromebook didn’t do quite as well.

Students Save Time and Multitask More Easily with Acer Chromebooks!

The two Acer Chromebooks earned almost straight As in our testing for app functionality, load times, and browser performance. The one exception: the Acer Chromebook C730E earned a B for load times, though it still outperformed the ASUS Chromebook, which earned a C.

Using either of the tested Acer Chromebooks gives students a clear advantage over using the ASUS Chromebook. The Acer Chromebooks delivered more stable application performance, faster times to open files and applications, and the ability to work faster and without crashing when multiple tabs were open in a web browser.

If you’re looking for the best Chromebook for your teachers and students, read our Acer vs. ASUS Chromebook report. See for yourself how equipping students with an Acer Chromebook gives them the best experience when working toward earning A grades of their own.

Read the summary and access the “Maximize Chromebook Learning (Acer vs. ASUS)” report on the Prowess Consulting site.
Acer vs ASUS Chromebook Test

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1 Futuresource Consulting. “Microsoft Expected to Fight Back in Global K-12 Market in 2016.” December 2015.

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