We are neck deep in ongoing research to show why the client matters in the cloud. At least four research projects are in flight, each one looking at how cloud-based or browser-based functionality and performance vary across mobile devices.

Because they do. Dramatically, sometimes.

Here’s what we’re working on with mobile devices:

  • QuickBooks
  • Sales Cloud from Salesforce.com
  • Residential real estate scenarios
  • Car dealer scenarios

Intuit QuickBooks on Mobile Devices

QuickBooks is the de facto standard for small-to-medium business accounting software. It can run either as a local installation with locally stored data, or in the cloud with apps for Android and iOS and browser-based access on other devices.

We are running scenarios that mimic how a small business owner would use the software. The pieces we publish will document which mobile device offers the best user experience with this popular software.

Sales Cloud on Mobile Devices

We are putting Sales Cloud through its paces on a range of mobile devices. Salesforce.com is now the top CRM vendor, so this study should have broad appeal. Sales Cloud runs only in the cloud (nothing to install is a Salesforce.com mantra).

We will use apps for iOS and Android alongside browser-based access on Windows 8 devices. Are performance and functionality equal across platforms? We’re betting “no.”

Tablet Usage in Residential Real Estate

Real estate agents use tablets to take photos, update listings, take clients on virtual walk-throughs, and to send a quick email to clients.
This project is a head-to-head comparison of an iPad Mini and the new Dell Venue 8″ (Android). Which device helps close the sale? Stay tuned to find out.
Our expert analyst on this project is a licensed real estate agent! How cool is that? It’s the level of engagement and expertise you can expect from Prowess.

Tablet Usage in the Auto Industry

A short five years ago, I probably would have scoffed at the idea of shopping online for cars. But no more. The proof is in the pudding: autotrader.com, cars.com, Edmunds.com, and more are successful online car sales sites with enormous selection from thousands of dealers and individual sellers.

How does the user experience compare across tablet platforms? Can dealers snap a photo and upload it to a site just as quickly on an iPad Mini as an Android tablet? We’re going to find out.

Real Business Tablet Guidance

Today’s business user has seemingly endless options when it comes to tablets. But platform differences matter a great deal in a business user’s ability to be productive, so don’t rush to deploy iPads just because your users ask for them.
Watch this space for real business use cases and real guidance in which tablets make the most sense.

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