My friend and neighbor, Jeannette, works part-time at the local grade school. She told me a while ago about a girl in the third grade who one day during class threw her hands in the air and said in exasperation, “oh, this computer is so slow!”

This girl’s reaction is a reminder that a well-functioning computer in the classroom is important. This is true for students and teachers too.

Chromebooks Are Increasingly Popular in the Classroom

According to a recent study, Chromebooks made up more than 50 percent of devices bought by U.S. schools in late 2015.1 Chromebooks are a favored device for education, because schools are mandating that devices need keyboards and because they’re economically priced.

So Which, if Any, Chromebooks Give Students an Advantage?

In a recent comparison test, Prowess Consulting dug into whether all Chromebooks are equal. Our goal was to see if some Chromebook devices work better in the classroom and so might help prevent just the kind of third-grade drama Jeanette witnessed—not to mention drama all the way from K thru 12.

We ran scenarios that students might experience in the classroom to compare two different Chromebooks. We used the scenarios to compare:

  • How applications function
  • How long it takes to open apps and files
  • How browsers perform when multiple tabs are open

Chromebooks Tested

Dell™ Chromebook™ 11
powered by an Intel® Celeron® processor N2840
vs. ASUS® Chromebook™ C201
powered by a Rockchip® processor RK3288C

At the end of our testing, one thing was clear: not all Chromebooks are equal when it comes to helping students succeed.

Students Wait Less and Learn More When Using A-Grade Dell Chromebooks

The Dell Chromebook 11 earned straight As for application functionality, load times, and supporting multiple open tabs in a browser. Based on the testing, the Dell Chromebook can give students a leg up on getting their work done without having to wait, which helps keep them engaged and focused. We also found the Dell Chromebook ideally suited to the rigors of classroom use.

Check out the report to see how equipping your students with the Dell Chromebook 11 can help ensure they have what they need to earn their own A grades. You can find the summary and access the “Maximize Chromebook Learning (Dell vs. ASUS)” report on the Prowess Consulting web site.
Dell vs ASUS Chromebook Report Card

Final Thought

I didn’t ask Jeannette which devices the school currently uses, but I will when I see her again. And I might suggest that the local school district consider checking out the Prowess report the next time they buy new Chromebooks.

More Chromebook Device Comparisons

Prowess Consulting also tested the Acer Chromebook 11 C740 and Acer Chromebook C730E, both powered by Intel Celeron processors, against the ASUS Chromebook C201. Find out more about the Acer versus ASUS test.

1 Futuresource Consulting. “Microsoft Expected to Fight Back in Global K-12 Market in 2016.” December 2015.

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