When it comes to cloud-based or browser-based functionality and performance, the user experience varies widely across mobile devices. In a recent post, we highlighted our current research efforts aimed at proving why the client matters.

A study currently underway will help realtors choose a mobile device wisely. We know that people in the field need a device that not only bridges the gap between a smart phone and a home computer, but also offers convenience, mobility, and portability—all at a reasonable price.

So, the question is not whether a realtor needs a computer tablet; it’s which one. More to the point, which tablet is most likely to help seal a deal?

To find out, our expert analyst on the project, a licensed realtor, put two of the newest mini tablets on the market to the test: the Intel-powered Dell Venue 8 (Android) against the Apple iPad Mini. Small enough to slide into a pocket or purse, but big enough to showcase photos or browse a listing service, these tablets have broad appeal.

The results are in: Realtors should think twice before they jump on the iPad Mini wagon.

The Venue 8, powered by the Intel Atom 2.0GHz Dual-Core Z2580 processor, wins out over the iPad Mini in several important measurements.

We interviewed real estate agents to develop scenarios that they encounter day-to-day. Next, we designed and ran rigorous usability tests on each device. In the Android tablet vs iPad comparison, the Venue 8 (Android) offers the right features and superior performance at a more reasonable price. The scenarios fall into three major buckets:

  •  Searching, scanning, viewing, and mapping properties
  •  Interfacing, corresponding, and preparing to meet with clients
  •  Taking, saving, and editing photos.

Stay tuned for the details!

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