Mainframe computers have been around for a while, but they were really at their enterprise heyday in the late 1980s, when they were responsible for running all enterprise software applications. We’ve come a long way since then. But to really appreciate how far we’ve come and what the future of business computing holds, we need to see the big picture.
SAP Intel whiteboard video image
Sound boring? Hardly. Thanks to Rob Klopp and Intel, you can see the evolution of business computing summed up in just four minutes in this video, “Next Steps in Business Computing with Intel and SAP.”
Rob Klopp is an occasional contributor to Cognilytics and has more than 25 years of IT, database, and data warehousing experience. He also publishes frequently to his own blog, where he wrote a follow-up post to the video mentioned above.
In his blog post, Klopp outlines the trends in system architecture and the SAP HANA platform. He suggests that as multicore microprocessors become more available, the architecture necessary to collect and develop lots of small microprocessors in a single platform will continue to evolve. Klopp goes on to explain how SAP customers should be expected to rapidly move to SAP HANA to take advantage of today’s tight, high-performance landscape.
To see the big picture of business computing (past, present, and future) check out the short video, and then read Klopp’s follow-up post for the scoop on how Intel and SAP can help you take advantage of the latest opportunities in business computing.

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