A few days ago, I fired up my Dell Venue 11 Pro laptop for work and started the day as I usually do:

  • Grabbed coffee
  • Checked email in Outlook
  • Scheduled an appointment with attached reference info
  • Grabbed more coffee
  • Opened three tabs in my web browser
  • Started up a media player for some background tunes
  • Launched a messaging client to ping a coworker with a question
  • Opened Microsoft Word and Excel to finish up a project

I spent the next few hours maneuvering windows and screens like an accomplished orchestra conductor, easily accessing everything I needed to stay on track.

The Coffeehouse Caper

The next day I was headed to a café for work, so I thought I’d try a simple experiment: take only an iPad Air 2 with me and see if I could get my morning tasks done on the Apple tablet. I figured it must be doable, since there are iOS apps available for most of my work needs.
As I sipped my double cappuccino, I eagerly started the iPad and got down to business. At least, that was the plan, until I tried to attach a couple of files to an email message and realized I’d have to send two separate emails. When I wanted to move some files to a different folder, I remembered there was no explorer-style access to the file system. And then I needed to look at two versions of a Word doc side-by-side but couldn’t, so I had to keep switching from one file to the other. It didn’t take long to realize how slow and frustrating this was going to be.

The multitasking tablet champion: Dell or Apple?

That’s when I knew we had a great opportunity for a new study at Prowess: compare the multitasking experience on a Dell Venue 11 Pro, powered by an Intel Core processor, to the experience on an Apple iPad Air 2, powered by an Apple A8X processor.

We wrote up several real-world scenarios to compare multi-app performance and usability of the two tablets and got down to work. We’re still wrapping up our testing, but we already found significant functionality differences that have a direct impact on productivity and collaboration.

Full results coming soon

Check back soon for our full test results and to find out which device best supports mobile workers, while requiring the fewest workarounds.

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