On August 21, 2017, large swaths of the North American continent were exposed to a rare astronomical event: a total solar eclipse. Like many other Americans, quite a few Prowess employees were lucky enough to witness the spectacle. For many of us, the event transcended curiosity and interest to mark a turning point or a new beginning of sorts.

That certainly seemed to be the case for Prowess Consulting, where our already thriving business saw an uptick that continued through the rest of the year and into 2018. By the end of 2017, our consulting group had completed at least 132 separate deliverables, spanning from 22 white papers and 42 solution briefs to 29 videos and sales trainings to infographics and Microsoft PowerPoint presentations.

But these numbers only tell half the story. We’ve also had the privilege of strengthening bonds with our long-term clients, and we’ve had the good fortune to build relationships with several new partners. We look forward to continuing those collaborations through 2018 and beyond. In the meantime, take a look at our year-end infographic for a snapshot of our year, by the numbers. And, as always, you can keep up on our latest activities by following Prowess on our blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Here’s to a successful, healthy, and creative 2018!