When Content Decays, Productivity Suffers

Standardize Your IT Infrastructure to Secure Document Integrity

When content decays, you could experience: data errors, missing content, changed appearance, reduced functionality. Only the Dell™ Venue™ 11 Pro experienced no content decay.

All ARM® processor-based devices tested experience content decay when viewing Microsoft® Office files:

Samsung® Galaxy Note® 10.1

  • Tracked changes and comments missing when viewing Microsoft® Word documents in Google Drive™ Viewer
  • Tables and imported Microsoft® Excel® graphs lost and locked spreadsheets unlocked when viewing Excel spreadsheets in MobiSystems® OfficeSuite
    Professional 7
  • Charts and SmartArt® missing and embedded video rendered as a still image when viewing Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides in Google Drive Viewer

Samsung® Chromebook™

  • Tables, equations, charts, endnotes, footnotes, tracked changes, and comments missing when viewing Microsoft® Word documents in Google™ Quickoffice™
  • Embedded audio and video did not play when viewing Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations in Quickoffice
  • Formulas not preserved, charts not rendered correctly, and comments omitted when viewing Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets in Quickoffice

Apple® iPad Air™

  • Miscalculated totals when viewing Microsoft® Excel® spreadsheets in Apple® Numbers®
  • Could not open IRM-protected documents in Microsoft® Word for Apple® iPad®
  • Embedded video unplayable in Microsoft® PowerPoint® for iPad

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July 2014

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